SCOM 2012 R2 Application Monitoring component

Ms System Center 2012 R2 has much more capability in field of monitoring, testing from internal sources (different) applications. The scope of monitoring comes the function Application Monitoring 360 SLA.

I will describe some of these components:

Web Application Availability Monitoring. Lets you create availability monitoring tests for web applications URLs. Running this from internal different locations.
Where to find In the Web Application Availability Monitoring  folder in the Application Monitoring folder in the Monitoring navigation pane.

.Net Application Performance Monitoring. Lets you to monitor IIS hosted .NET applications from server & client – side. It supports IIS 7.0, 8.0.
Where to find In the .NET Application Performance Monitoring folder in the Application Monitoring folder in the Monitoring navigation pane.

Application Pool State, IIS computer state, Web site state, summary dashboards

Also at database level it supports many possibility many levels & technologies for monitoring database, instance, engines, services, transactions, TCP port checks,  UNIX/LINUX monitoring.

I will share some url and information where to find the shortcuts to go throw these configurations in few steps:

go google Configure client-side monitoring of the ASP.NET application; Configure .NET App performance monitoring; View types in Operations Manager; How to create a new run as account for accessing the Operations Manager Database;

If you have any problems in SCOM 2012 R2 just contact me (

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