BizTalk server info

As we have mentioned in my last article Install &Configure BizTalk Server we will proceed to the discovery of important parts of a business integration processes through BizTalk.

Tying systems together has become the norm. Combining different system info effective business processes is a challenging problem. BizTalk server includes a range of technologies.

BizTalk server

Human resources within the project which should have been according to standards and best way to realization of systems integration through BizTalk. All three roles of business analyst, developer, and administrators are necessary to create and maintain BizTalk Server solutions. The real goal, is to define and execute business processes based on the applications.
Orchestrations define the logic of these business processes. To create and evaluate groups of business rules, it uses the Business Rule engine gives intelligence application. Business processes can also be monitored more easily,by the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) technology.
Orchestration Designer defining business logic graphically. The shapes available on OD are The Receive, Send, Port, Decide, Loop, Construct Message, Transform, Parallel Actions, Scope, Message Assignment.
Web Services allow applications to exchange XML documents using SOAP.

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