Backing Up and Restoring BizTalk Server

In the event of hardware failure, having a good backup of your BizTalk Server Db and components is essential.

Best Practices for Backup and Restore is:

  • Create a backup and restore plan

Be sure your backup plan specifies:

  • The computer where backups will be stored
  • The programs that you will use to back up your system
  • The computers you want to backup
  • The schedule when backups will occur
  • The offsite location where you will archive backups

Archive the backup media on a regular basis in a secure location

Create a schedule for archiving your backup media on a regular basis and keep the archives in a secure, offsite location. This ensure that you have a backup available when you need it.

Verify the integrity of your backups and that they occur without error

Monitor all of your backup jobs and ensure that they complete without any errors.


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