Internet Security and CERT Role

Article by Atdhe Buja
Published on

Internet Security Day rather than a date is a moment to turn the attention to the importance of security and privacy and the role of initiatives to protect these fundamental rights that every citizen of the world needs. CERT is such an initiative.

Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are groups of experts to deal with or resolve incidents of cyber security. The mission of the CERT units or teams has a special importance where we can mention some of the problems that are being addressed and arising on the Internet:

  • Response to security threats at the same time participation in providing solutions for challenges of cyber crime;
  • In protecting information and infrastructure itself; and
  • Raising the level of online internet security and reducing the risks.

Recent months have witnessed a global increase in security incidents, I want to remember just a few of the widespread impact on cyber security of the Botnet type that blocked government and commercial websites in the United States and South Korea in the year 2009, DoS cyber attacks in Estonia in 2007 which temporarily paralyzed a large part of the financial institutions of the state.

The most common cyber attacks occurring on the web are the classic ones known as viruses, infected codes, scanning of gates, fake email, data theft, and manipulation of them. Technological advancements have also led to advancements in types, techniques and methods of cyber attacks, for example. RANSOMWARE, Botnets etc.

From my experience in cyber security I had suggested a very appropriate platform that displays a real (Live) global mirror of cyber attacks occurring in the world of Providing information every day is becoming a very worrying area for government organizations and agencies. In any new application that is emerging on the market, along with new weaknesses appear that are posing challenges for those professionals this case CERT teams that are called to protect IT assets.

Cyber Security Incidents can not be reduced by a single country or entity but by a co-operation, co-ordination and regular communication between stakeholders through a National Critical Infrastructure Response Plan would have a very positive result in reduction but also prevention of incidents.

From a research and analysis which I have realized in 2016 on the existing legislation and other cyber security capacities in the Republic of Kosovo is presented as follows:

National Strategy

  • National Strategy for Cyber Security 2016-2019;
  • Action Plan 2016-2019;
  • Law 03/L-166 2010 For the prevention and fight against cyber crime.

Teams for response against cyber attacks

  • CERT unites at the central level;
  • Information exchange with international CERTs.

Research & Development

  • National & international cooperation.

But I think that is not enough to do so, we need to be more prepared with the latest information, concrete plans, regular communication, and a maximum commitment to capacity building in preventing cyber security incidents.

Following are some of the issues to be considered in the future for realization:

National Strategy

  • The current Law on the Prevention and Combating of Cyber crime 2010, is indicating that in a time span of 6 years there is no change of this law and in the field of cyber security every day has more advancement of techniques , methods for preventing cyber security incidents.
  • National Response Plan for Critical Infrastructure, identifying information or critical infrastructures in the Republic of Kosovo is very necessary. Because such an overview would facilitate the implementation of the necessary domestic and timely information protection mechanisms.

Teams for response against cyber attacks

  • At certain times, we must have national drill exercises in handling incidents and reaction times.

Capacity building

  • Need a more professional approach to building human capacity in these CERT teams, we actually have a lot of talented young people who are potential ready to be engaged in this field.

It is time to intensify international communication and cooperation with many organizations in sharing experiences in order to increase the security level of ICT infrastructure in the country. In conclusion we can say that CERT units or teams play a very important role in online security and can mostly contribute through the skills and knowledge they have in this cyber security field.

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