Strategies for developing an Internet emergency response system

Article by Atdhe Buja
Published on

Control the flow of information

All events occurring in the security field i.e. vulnerabilities, compromises, crashes, different attacks, or cause-of-action takes the basis and the starting point for the information flow. A process or cycle that defines the entire model, mode of operation and operation of different systems, services and infrastructures. When responding to emergency situations, it is preferable to use the control of the entire flow of information in order to find the person responsible or to come to the solution and then apply it to get out of this situation. And we will automatically understand where this breakup, diversion or copying of communication has occurred. All models of systems and application development cycle foresee and consider the flow of information within the adaptation and meeting customer requirements or users.

Legal Countermeasures

The legal countermeasures are divided into two categories, presented as follows:

  • Incident Prevention and
  • Response or reaction to the incident

If we start from the legal countermeasures to prevent the incident, we will first develop a general vulnerability assessment that would produce certain actions in the infrastructure as countermeasures of prevention i.e. filling out all users, removing harmful codes, removing weaknesses from system operators.

Secondly, stopping or blocking abusive systems by identifying and removing abusive channels and websites abroad.

Third and very important process is the restoration or restoration of reliable web pages, information security and appropriate treatment is required.

Continuing, we come to legal countermeasures for response or reaction to the incident and always start from the incident announcement that launches the professional research group.

Second, cause analysis and data dissemination with the aim of exploring the possible causes that have led to incident and data retention. Third and important the management or handling of the incident related to limiting access, incident forecasting and warning systems.


Goal: Internet environment in Nation

Everyone’s role in an Internet environment is very important from end users, internet service providers, government agencies, and so on. For this web environment to be as secure as possible, the co-operation and engagement of all these parties is necessary to prevent the threats being made to this communication space as the Internet. As a result of this cooperation, the level of security of the country’s critical infrastructures would be improved.

End user can be a victims and attackers in the same time, for this reason they need a greater commitment to their education for safe internet use and special care with the emerging risks. Agencies can contribute their contributions through the development of attack information analysis, demand for interruption of access to some suspicious locations, development and delivery of training programs, provision of forecasting and warning systems.

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