World WiFi at risk from KRACK

A team of US researchers have confirmed that an exploit can hack into any WPA-2 wireless network, but details are slim

World WiFi at risk from KRACK


The WPA2 encryption that protects almost all WiFi networks has been cracked – meaning that wireless networks are even less safe than before.

A team led by the US government will give full details later today, Monday, but have already confirmed that an exploit known as KRACK is able to break through the encryption layer, putting anything into the plain sight of hackers.

The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US0CERT) has confirmed that using WPA-2 makes you a target and that’s pretty bad because the majority of home routers don’t have anything stronger.

Or to put it another way – if you use WiFi, you’re a sitting duck.

At this stage, we’re not sure how easy it is for a hacker to use KRACK, and so the scale of the problem is still somewhat up in the air. If it involves being within the range of your WiFi network for an hour, then it’s less of a worry. If it’s instant, then someone could attack you in a slow-moving car.

And that’s not such an unlikely scenario – when WPA (1) was cracked back in 2009, it took a minute to slap down the data. More…

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