Cynet Provides Security Responders with Free IR Tool to Validate and Respond to Active Threats

Organizations that suspect an active threat or breach have two options: calling an external incident response provider to manage the investigation and response or trying to handle it internally with their own resources.

Source: threatpost

Cynet is now introducing a free IR offering that caters to both scenarios – a powerful IT tool for both incident response consultants and for internal security/IT teams that need to gain immediate visibility into suspicious activity and incidents, definitively identify breaches, understand exactly what occurred, and execute rapid response.

Access Cynet free Incident Response offering for IR consultants and providers.

Access Cynet free Incident Response offering for internal security/IT teams.   

Successful incident response requires having a clear picture of the severity of the breach and its consequences; and making sure that all malicious objects and activity are totally remediated. Cynet’s free IR offering provides a rapid, efficient answer to both.

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