How to Make PDF Document Password Free in Best Ways

PDF file created by Adobe Acrobat has occupied the highest position amongst several document formats. Password security on these files makes difficult for the user to work with these documents. Again and again, entering the password to view the PDF data becomes the monotonous task for the user. Therefore, in such cases, they started searching for the solution that could make PDF document password free.

So, considering the requirement of the users, both manual and professional solution are discussed. Go through this write-up and get the best possible solution to remove password from PDF document.

Type of Password Security in PDF Files

There are basically two types of password protection in PDF documents:

Document Open Password

It is a type of password that is mainly used to restrict the opening of a PDF document. Until and unless the appropriate password is entered the document could not be opened. Also, to remove this type of security it is necessary that the password should be known to a user.

Permission Password

It is a type of password that restricts other users to perform operations on a PDF document. For example, printing, editing, copying, signing, commenting, creation of template pages, etc. To remove or to change these type of restrictions on PDF document the user must know the permission password.

Different Methods to Remove Password from PDF

Before starting the process of unlocking PDF password security a user can go through the manual method or the third-party solution.

Make PDF Document Password Free Using Google Chrome

For removing PDF password protection using Google Chrome use its Print icon. It’s print button will help us to create PDF free from password. For that follow these steps carefully:

  • Open the password-protected PDF using Google Chrome
  • Tap on the Print Icon and then after that click the Change button
  • Select the Save as PDF option. Then after click on the Save button
  • Finally, you have successfully saved this new document without any password

Pitfalls of Manual Method

To make PDF document password free by using the above method it is necessary that the Print icon should be enabled. If in case the file is print restricted then the above method will not work. Also, the manual method is only applicable to unlock a single PDF document. Therefore to overcome these limitations of manual method use the automated solution.

Best Solution to Remove Password from Adobe PDF Document

PDF Password Unlocker is the perfect utility to make PDF document password free and to remove restrictions from PDF. If the file is having owner level and user-level security then it can be removed by using this software. Once the PDF file gets unlocked by the software, it won’t prompt for the password when you open it.

Steps to Make a PDF Document Password Free

  • Download the software on the Windows system and click on the Unlock button.

create password free pdf

  • Click on Browse and select the locked PDF file.

browse password protected pdf

  • Select the file and click Open to add it.
  • Now choose destination location and click Unlock PDF button.

unlock pdf

  • Enter the user password when prompted and click OK.

enter the password

  • Now, you have successfully removed the password from PDF file.

Other Advantages of the Software

There are various advantages of using the software and all of them are discussed below:

  • Remove all type of restriction from PDF file like Copying/ Editing/ Printing
  • Make PDF document password free (Owner level & User Level)
  • Keeps integrity and original formatting of the data
  • Adobe Acrobat is not mandatory for removing PDF password protection
  • Provides an option to save the unlocked PDF file at any desired location
  • Compatible with Windows OS 10 & below versions for unlocking PDF password security.


Sometimes security in the PDF document needs to be removed. Restrictions on the file do not allow users to copy, print or sign the PDF file. While password-protected PDF files restrict the user for opening the document. Therefore, to make PDF document password free and restriction-free two different solutions are discussed. Both the solutions are helpful in removing password security and restrictions from PDF document.

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