New Course: Ace the Next Industrial Revolution by Dr Jonathan Reichental

This course is bringing also ICT Academy for the audience of Southeastern region, introduces the context and drivers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Dr. Jonathan Reichental, multiple award-winning technology and business leader, explains many of the technologies that are emerging, and discusses each of them in terms of their potential impact. While technology is at the center of change, the implications of ethical considerations, behavioral consequences, and societal disruption are extremely important.

ICT Academy according to the mission and vision of international standards remains committed and in the service of improving education and transfer of knowledge to new generations. Within the Center for Research and Development (R&D) of the ICT Academy has achieved the development of the project and its operation of the ICT Academy CERT Division. Very soon according to the annual plan ICT Academy CERT Division will call and give opportunities to students and young people to use this Cyber Security and Digital Forensic laboratory. ICT Academy through a series of services and activities that will be organized to bring trends and professional values in the field of cyber security, which will be examples from the most developed industrial and academic countries such as the US, Japan, Europe, etc.

This audio course can be found at study programs of ICT Academy

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