Krimet kompjuterike principet & diferencat

Atdhe Buja ekspert i sigurisë kibernetike

Krimi është krim dhe kompjuteri është vetëm një vegël për të realizuar aktivitete kriminale. Arsyeja pse kemi diferenca, kategorizime të krimeve kompjuterike është që ligji të ketë mundësi për tu aplikuar për këto lloje të krimeve, por edhe më shumë që janë në botën digjitale. dikush hyn në kompjuterin tënd dhe nuk shkakton dëme por ai ose ajo nuk duhet të jetë aty fare. Çka nëse një haker ka marr qasjen në sistem pret dhe ruan momentin e realizimit të sulmit tjetër dëmtimin apo rrjedhjen e informacioneve. Continue reading “Krimet kompjuterike principet & diferencat”


Planning & managing projects

Article by Atdhe Buja
Published on
working groups during study in Japan for PMP

The purpose of this article is to provide a clear overview of the project planning and management processes and to see enough the importance of applying guidelines and standards for successful project management. Here is also used some of the experience in project management in our Kosovo country to express a realistic situation of project failures cases and the organization’s impact on the project.

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Is there a real need for e-services or EAs?

Article by Atdhe Buja
Published on

In this analysis and special study for PCWorld and CiO Albanian are presented the solutions in providing the appropriate and efficient services at the right time for the citizens / businesses that need it, at the same time will share with you a part of my experience in residence in Tokyo Japan and visits and meetings I had about the topic of this article.  Continue reading “Is there a real need for e-services or EAs?”

Strategies for developing an Internet emergency response system

Article by Atdhe Buja
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Control the flow of information

All events occurring in the security field i.e. vulnerabilities, compromises, crashes, different attacks, or cause-of-action takes the basis and the starting point for the information flow. A process or cycle that defines the entire model, mode of operation and operation of different systems, services and infrastructures. Continue reading “Strategies for developing an Internet emergency response system”

Cybersecurity talk with Laura Gallante

Laura Galante speaks at TED2017 – The Future You, April 24-28, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

Attending and listening the experience and the stories from her work towards cyber security in particular, analysis and emphasis on the concepts of information security from an American perspective and the research of the developmental or evolution of based concept of 0 and 1 from Russia. 😀

Laura video speech How (and why) Russia hacked the US election | Laura Galante

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Metadata and Privacy: Limits of Freedom online

Article by Atdhe Buja
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The data collection boundary (IP, Time, User, Receiver, etc.), preserving the privacy of the citizen and observing the regulations in force are the ethical principles of the democratic system that everyone has to adhere.

Metadata is information created depending on how you use the technology. For example, include the date and time you can call / set as someone or the location from which you managed to access your e-mail.

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Mobile technology, standards and frameworks towards solving problems

Article by Atdhe Buja
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One thing that should never be forgotten is that everything from Government and Business have similarities in terms of operation and functionality, because they are organizations devoted to customer or citizen services. They can not exist without a citizen.

Application of the program for the development of mobile technology

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