Resolving SQL Server Transaction Log Waits

What is SQL Server Wait Type?

In SQL server, wait type is a time period for which the processes stays in the local buffer. Until the log record writing process is not completed, it remains in the log buffer. It provides a high-level information of the particular process or a query on which the user is working upon. Moreover Continue reading “Resolving SQL Server Transaction Log Waits”

Effortlessly Repair Clustered Index In SQL Server


Most of the users of SQL Server need to deal with several issues while working with the database including corruption related problems. One of the common issue is corruption of clustered index. The data becomes inaccessible to the user when this issue occurs in MS SQL Server. Inaccessibility of the database may be the worst situation for the users working on the database. Continue reading “Effortlessly Repair Clustered Index In SQL Server”

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