ICT Academy is tied into a worldwide network of collaborations. ICT Academy is leading professional education on IT Security & Cyber Security & Privacy, Science in Kosova, established in full compliance with the best standards and frameworks of developed country, including study programs in the two levels of study: introduction & advance. Today, ICT Academy is recognized as the most internationalized professional education in Kosovo, maintaining and expanding numerous partnerships and exchange programmes with universities, collegges and high schools all over the country, region, world and supports its students in planning their studies and project initiatives.

Current Partnerships

ICT Academy is actively engaged in international partnerships and cooperation around the world. These connections include:

  • Capacity building initiatives,
  • Joint organization of conferences, seminars or other academic meetings,
  • Study programs development activities (e.g. workshops, video conferences, courses),
  • Sharing resources such as laboratory equipment,
  • Collaborative projects,
  • Collaborative Teaching.

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