Maluerët dhe rreziqet e sigurisë në platformat mobile

Që nga vitet e 90 ka pasur një histori për telefonat mobil të mençur ku deri më sot gjatë gjithë kësaj periudhe historike ka pasur një zhvillim shumë të madh të tyre.

Atdhe Buja (ekspert i sigurisë kibernetike) Continue reading “Maluerët dhe rreziqet e sigurisë në platformat mobile”


Academy ICT in Partnership with Education Innovators Kosovo EIK

Academy ICT has achieved a partnership with Education Innovators Kosovo EIK for cooperation in organizing various events for youth in Mitrovica region, development of innovative ICT projects with a focus on Cyber Security, providing of professional training in this field on the raising awareness of the young generations of the risks and trends that bring new technologies and areas of cyber security.

Education Innovators Kosovo EIK, a highly successful organization in its youth and community projects, has achieved the realization of some international activities and participation in the representation of the Republic of Kosovo in the world.

Academy ICT remains committed to bringing trends and transferring knowledge to Security – Cyber Security & Privacy, CIO, RDBMS and creation of innovations. Soon you will be notified about the new and co-organizing between Academy ICT & Education Innovators Kosovo EIK.

Repair Microsoft SQL Server Error Code 9100 – Ultimate Guide

Today, Microsoft SQL Server is the first choice of companies in order to build or manage a strong relational database. But, while working on SQL Server, many users face some problems. These issues further disturbed the complete database workflow. Amongst all, the SQL error 9100 is the common technical glitch that frequently occurs in SQL database. This issue mostly triggers in SQL Server 2005, 2008 (R2) and 2012. The major cause of Microsoft SQL Server error 9100 is index corruption in the SQL database. This problem can be clearly understood by a real-life scenario. Continue reading “Repair Microsoft SQL Server Error Code 9100 – Ultimate Guide”

How to Export SQL Server Database to Bacpac File – Step by Step Process

For most of the users, managing and storing vital data is a complicated task. But with a reliable and efficient database, the task become easy. When it comes to the database, SQL Server Database is the most commonly used database. But due to the higher scalability & availability users are switching from SQL Server database to Azure SQL database.

It offers a wide range of cloud services and functionalities such as analytics, networking, storage etc. In terms of cost,security the Azure SQL database is better than SQL Server. Moreover, many of the user are adopting cloud platforms as they are feature-rich and secure. Continue reading “How to Export SQL Server Database to Bacpac File – Step by Step Process”


The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a worldwide renowned science & technology startup competition designed specifically to address the needs of deeptech entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies. The Challenge was created in 2013 by deeptech entrepreneur Xavier Duportet and Arnaud De La Tour, at the time both PhD students, who realised that the resources needed to propel emerging technologies were different from those of traditional web and mobile innovations. Continue reading “5TH EDITION OF THE GLOBAL CHALLENGE”

Japan crafts new cybersecurity strategy for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The government crafted a new cybersecurity strategy Wednesday as it steps up preparations for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.

During a meeting at the prime minister’s office, it also decided to introduce a five-stage index to classify the severity of cyberattacks to help people understand the magnitude of threats and take necessary action.

Source: japantimes Continue reading “Japan crafts new cybersecurity strategy for 2020 Tokyo Olympics”

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