Red Teaming

ICT Academy CERT is a part of ICT Academy. ICT Academy CERT provides services on Red Teaming Penetration Testing Consulting, the main goal of the Red Teaming is “Hack Yourself Before They Hack You”. Red Teaming is to find out Real and Deeper Risk Assessment on IT Assets, Web Publish, Infrastructure, Confidential and Restricted Area Access etc. Mainly focused on mentioned Areas:

1. Red Teaming on Technological Controls (Protect Them)
Network, App, Router, Switch, Application (Protect Them)

2. Red Teaming on- Infrastructure (Protect Them)
Office, Warehouse, Data Center, Power Grid building, Society, Confidential Rooms Restricted Area (Social Engineering )Onsite. Complete Red team Assessment is a mixture of most deadliest advanced Affects launch like, Reconnaissance, Social Engineering, Physical parameter testing, virtual Network Compromising, Impersonating to find/discover all the possible ways in which Your data can be breached.

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