ICT Academy aims to offer professional education, scientific research and long life learning in South-East Europe. The institution is considered to be a leader in its educational offer in Kosovo both education, quality, innovation & tech. The institution offers more +10 study programs in the level of introduction & advance expertise. Lectures who are testified on international arena, experienced in human interactions in various positions. The learning environment at the institution is designed to support both theoretical instruction and professional practice.

Service delivery and contribution to the community have been recognized both locally and internationally. The institution offer various programs in security, IT security, cyber security & privacy, science of space & chemistry, social marketing, math, digital forensic and blockchain. The institutions holds membership listed in Trusted Introducer. More than one option are available of studies, you can take classes on our site, online or customer site.

  • Cyber Security & Privacy – Digital Forensics:

Ethical Hacking

IT Security

Penetration Testing

CIIP & Methodology

Cyber & Digital Forensic

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

  • Blockchain


Intro to Blockchain

  • Chemistry


  • Space & Science


Space & Science

  • Math


Applied Math

  • Chief Information Officer CIO


Ace the Next Revolution


You can apply here for professional education, the date of holding/tuition fees etc are flexible.

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