ICT Academy ka nisur bashkëpunimin me eCronex Media për siguri kibernetike & privatësi

ICT Academy dhe eCronex Media arrijnë bashkëpunim në planet e aktiviteteve për siguri kibernetike & privatësi. ICT Academy është përfaqësuar nga CEO Atdhe Buja në takim me eCronex Media.

Bashkëpunimi përfshin dhe bazohet në parimin e interesti të ndërsjellë, duke respektuar pavarësinë e njëri tjetrit, në shkëmbimin e përvojave dhe krijimin e hapësirave për pjesëmarrje në aktivitetet ndërkombëtare dhe vendore për siguri kibernetike.

Six System and Software Vulnerabilities to Watch Out for in 2019

Wouldn’t it be an easier life if we didn’t have to worry about the exploitation of vulnerabilities in solutions and software on which we have spent good time and resources? A world where correctly configured systems configured were left alone to perform their functions until they became redundant and/or needed replacing?

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Ask the Experts: What Will Have the Greatest Impact on ICS Security in the Next 5-10 Years?

As we noted in August 2018, industrial control system (ICS) security has become more complicated since the introduction of the web. Organizations are now bringing together the logical and physical resources of both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). This creates various ICS securitychallenges, including how each team must learn from and work with the other in the interest of preserving the organization’s security as a whole.

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How Will Brexit Affect Cybersecurity for UK Organizations?

As a vendor, Tripwire gets asked a lot of questions from customers and potential clients about how developments in the wider world might affect digital security. One of those forces that’s on everyone’s mind is Brexit. Representatives from some of our potential customers as well as our existing clients are asking us what to focus on and what to do. Specifically, they’re wondering

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