Miniaturised Radios and Magnetic Tape

Lee De Forest’s 1907 Audion vacuum tube is widely credited with kickstarting the modern electronics industry in general, but it would take the much smaller, lower-power and cooler transistor to shift it into high gear.

The thermonic triode, a vacuum tube similar to the one pictured, works by using heat to modify the conductive properties of a fillament. In 1880, Thomas Edison discovered that, when a parallel current was applied to the lament circuit, the charge in the hot lament could be amplified, or cut off. Edison used his “thermonic diode” to power the first telegraph stations. The triode added a charged grid that could modify the current.

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ISACA Special Report: State of Cybersecurity 2018

ISACA recently released the fourth annual ISACA State of Cybersecurity 2018 Report. The research details the worldwide cybersecurity skills gap with an alarming 59 percent of information security professionals reporting unfilled cyber/information security positions within their organizations, and more than half taking at least three months to fill.

While cybersecurity budgets are still increasing, the qualified talent to fill positions is still lagging behind. Other key findings and trends from the research that might peak your interest are:

  • Four in five (81%) security professionals indicated that their enterprises are likely or very likely to experience a cyberattack this year, while 50% of respondents indicate that their organization has already experienced an increase in attacks over the past year.

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Privacy International Files ICO Complaint Over Secret Police Data Downloads

Privacy International has filed a formal complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) over police use of intrusive mobile phone extraction technology.

The rights group also issued complaints to the Home Office and the Independent Office for Police Conduct, following the findings revealed in its March reportDigital stop and search; how the UK police can secretly download everything from your mobile phone.

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20 Critical Security Controls: Control 9 – Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and Services

20 Critical Security Controls: Control 9 - Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and ServicesKey Takeaways for Control 9
Reduce your attack surface. So much of control 9 is about limiting the external attack surface of a system. This is always the first step in securing an endpoint.
Duplication with other controls. Everything being done in control 9 is going to be accomplished by completing other controls elsewhere. I would probably leave this one for last as it’s the least impactful (due to duplication) out of any of the controls.

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