Evaluation On SQL Server Database Backup Retention Periods


SQL Server is a database management system with the primary aim of storing and retrieving data from the databases. The data stored in the database are not safe always, can be lost either due to virus infection, bad sector in the hard drive, etc. So, a backup of the files in the database are mentioned. The SQL Server also supports the backup by enabling the retention periods for saving the data from deletion. If the backup is all set right, one can get back the lost file. But, if the backup is not in the stage of restoring then, all hopes will be lost. Continue reading “Evaluation On SQL Server Database Backup Retention Periods”

Difference Between Deadlock And Blocking In SQL Server


Deadlock and Blocking in SQL Server are two familiar terms seen in SQL Server. But, many are getting confused with these terms in the SQL Server. The users get messed up with these though they are not the same. Both these characteristics are different and you will get to know about the difference between deadlocks and blocking in SQL Server from the coming sessions. Before moving on to the difference, let’s get to know about these separately. Continue reading “Difference Between Deadlock And Blocking In SQL Server”

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