Unprotected MongoDB Database Exposes Over 275 Million Personal Records

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  • The database contained almost 275,265,298 records of Indian citizens with personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, email addresses, genders, dates of birth, phone numbers, educational details, professional skills, employment history, current employer and salary.
  • A hacker group named ‘Unistellar’ deleted all the data and left a message behind.

Source: cyware

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Android spyware linked to chinese sdk forces google to boot 500 apps

More than 500 Android mobile apps have been removed from Google Play after it was discovered that an embedded advertising SDK could be leveraged to quietly install spyware on devices.

The SDK, called Igexin, was developed by a Chinese company and may have been used to install malware that could, among other things, exfiltrate logs from devices. Researchers at mobile security company Lookout said on Monday that the 500-plus Android apps with the Igexin SDK had been downloaded more than 100 million times, though not all of them were infected with spyware.

Source: threatpost

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